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A Burgeoning Resurrection & A Turning Tide Of War

Please do take note of my lack of remorse for using such stark terms; your right to terminate an inconvenient life ends where my right to oppose you begins.

My grandmother, God rest her, had an unshakable faith in the Almighty. As far back as I can remember, and even sometimes still, especially when I’m sitting in quiet reflection, I can hear her voice reminding me that God has a plan for all of us and that – in the time, place, and manner of His choosing – “all will be revealed.” Such revelations are beginning to emerge with the turning tide in the war between those who respect the dignity and sanctity of human life and those who concern themselves only with their own vain and self-indulgent efforts to avoid accountability and personal responsibility no matter the death toll of other human lives.

Two years shy of the half-century that has elapsed since 5 unelected judges fabricated a constitutional right to murder the unborn, which was never codified into law by the founders, a new generation of lawmakers in Texas decided that it was time to challenge the long-held lie that life did not begin before oxygen filled the lungs. Even as this debate continues to rage, 50 million + American deaths later, even the most ardent fans of pre-birth genocide are beginning to understand that a rapidly growing number of their fellow American citizens have grown weary of the entire abortion Enterprise and the now-crumbling “enlightened Feminism” foundations upon which these homicides have been justified.

Please do take note of my lack of remorse for using such stark terms; your right to terminate an inconvenient life ends where my right to oppose you begins.

It is worth noting that, when Roe was invented, it was 1973, and the American culture – in large part thanks to the sex, drugs, and rock and roll generation that preceded it – was already deeply ensconced in the premise that personal choices brought with them no accountability or individual responsibility. This phenomenon can be traced back to what would become a generation of inept parenting decisions that simply threw money at their children’s mistakes, thereby preventing them from learning the hard but necessary lessons about bad choices and worse consequences.

BLM & Antifa, anyone?

A deep dive lamenting the downward spiral of modern parenting techniques deserves its own essay, and one will be forthcoming, but in the meantime, it bears repeating to suggest that a new generation of lawmakers has come to the fore, by divine intervention perhaps, that is striving to usher in a return to rationality and common sense. They have taken the time to consider advancements in birth control, simple things like the pill, condoms, diaphragms, and even morning-after pills, and these seem to be reasonable-enough mechanisms to prevent conception and avoid having to remove that”clump of cells” which inevitably develop a beating heart. They even went so far as to provide a six-week window for victims of “accidents and extraordinary circumstances” to pause, reflect, and consider their options and decide the best way forward according to their unique situations and moral concerns. Despite protestations to the contrary from the death cult, 6 weeks is more than enough time to do the right thing by not only your body but the purity of your very soul, and terminate the evolving biological process well enough in advance of having to destroy the soul of an innocent and defenseless human being that would be otherwise denied the right to make their own choices.

This is not now, nor has it ever been, about “patriarchies” or the false narrative which suggests that men are trying to tell women what to do with their bodies. This is about a state’s right to determine the expectations of its citizens’ behavior and the effect their personal choices have on the rest of the citizens that reside there.

The pro-infanticide movement and their “my body, my choice” mantra died with their demands for government intervention vis-à-vis the vaccine mandates. Further, the assertion that abortion is a personal choice and is of no other person’s business it’s simply not true; the other half of the conception process has an interest in this decision, as does the larger society as a whole. The people of Texas, in this case, want women to be accountable and take personal responsibility for their reproductive actions soon enough in the biological process to do the right thing and bring an end to the senseless slaughter of human lives.

God willing, the rest of America will soon enough come to the same conclusion.


An Engineer and Educator by trade, David has been a writer, developer, and accomplished web designer/administrator for more than 20 years. Descended from a long line of Appalachians, on the McCoy side of the feud, he was raised in a God-centric and American pride-influenced home in which kindness, human decency, humility, grace, self-respect, and good manners were expected and enforced. Blinded by three strokes and no longer able to read or write, David developed methods to compensate for these challenges in order to continue communicating; while acknowledging that there is more life in his rear-view mirror than whatever lies ahead through the front windshield, he insists this doesn't mean he has nothing left to say.

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