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If We Lose… (A Preaching)

This is a Preaching, not a Teaching. Takes about 5 minutes. 

We haven’t lost…yet.

But time is running out as to how long we may have to rescue ourselves with our memory intact of what we once were. I’m sorry to be the one to tell you this, but when the Baby Boom generation (1946-1964) passes, so will our three-generation history connection to what it means “To be American”.

I’m a Baby Boomer, now 75, and a veteran, having served five years in the Army, 3 of them in Asia. Only not Vietnam. I was a “Garritrooper” in Japan (That was Bill Mauldin’s name for them in WWII, “too far forward to wear ties, and too far back to get shot at.”)


I have two sons, one now 50, the other 47, the youngest born in Japan and until he was 10 wanted to think he was a dual-citizen. The oldest is fully on-board with what “to be American” means, including the God part, and is well on his way to passing that “shoulders he stands on” legacy onto his sons, while the youngest stopped buying into any of that when he was in 9th Grade. He was too busy being angry. You see, his mother and I split up when he was in the 8th Grade, and he was raised alone those very formative years under only the watchful eye of a wealthy grandfather for a male model. So, when he left home for college in ’92 he shook the dust of God off his shoes along with several other things which only a whole family can pass onto a kid growing up.

That was 30 years ago. A full generation. Today, millions more children don’t even have any church-dust to kick off in the first place. They’ll never know it was ever there, much less lost. (A 17th Century mathematician named Pascal, who died at age 39, had special prayers for “those who are lost, only don’t know they’re lost”, for it takes a third party to make them aware of it…so they can at least start seeking to be found. Once a child starts seeking, his/her chance of being found are magnified exponentially.)

Lost is where too many of our children and grandchildren are now.


And this is where Natural Law enters the picture.

Natural laws are the ones you can’t overwrite, although many of you think you can simply ignore. Regardless of your views about God, these are laws you can’t outrun for God left the final accounting of these totally in the hands of Nature almost from the beginning.

As I began, we are no more than 20 years away from the Boomer-Vietnam generation fading totally away, just as the World War II generation has now faded away 75 years after they served. When my grandsons look down to see the shoulders they stand on, or read books or see films about those shoulders, they will see cartoon figures, such as Ben Affleck as an Army pilot in “Pearl Harbor”, having no more connection to their world than Captain America. My son, however, is intent on impressing on them about those shoulders they stand on, which he has begun with his eldest, now 11. Right time to begin. And his wife gave up public school teaching to teach their sons at home, so, without contradiction.


Repeat. This is a warning-of-fact. A Preaching:

The die is cast that unless you remove in the next decade, by any means necessary, the Evil that has swarmed over our land, and re-establish the means to keep it disinfected for at least as long as the Founders did for us, (over 200 years), it will require another 250 years for it to find its way back in this land, if at all. That’s at least 8 generations. Only, by then there will have been no history books they can consult that will tell them how things once were, or what for, for it will all have been erased. (We are watching this taking place now, only many of you are so busy about what’s going on in Washington you are neglecting what your children are not being taught two miles away. Russians, slaves to just such a system for 70 years, finally gained their freedom from the Communists 30 years ago, but still are totally clueless about “who they once were”. They have no clue how to become un-lost. Stop and think what your great-great-grandchildren will be like when all mention of the Constitution, and that “bill of rights” drivel, have been removed from their teaching.)

God only knows what the “New America” will look like, for we have an Enemy that wants us destroyed totally for reasons that are genuinely psychopathic, and is using our every misstep to reach that end game. They are way ahead of us in conditioning the masses, our main saving grace their incompetence in execution. But as I started out, after 20 years they won’t have to be sneaky or wily any longer. They can revert to their true nature and simply crush us, as they always had in the past.

Still, Natural Law always intervenes, dictating that their plan will fail, usually after 70-80 years, as they did in Russia and are doing now in China. But once that overriding system of top-down control has replaced “pursuit of life, liberty and happiness” from the the bottom, history shows it takes about a thousand years for those freedom seeds to be replanted, then, as it took America 175 years to become a mature tree of liberty, able to go it alone, it will take the New America about that long to figure out what is within your reach today, only you won’t bother to become a student.


By “us”, I  mean the millions who came together face-to-face in 2010 to form Tea Parties, then handed your communications over to Facebook and Twitter so that you could be easily monitored.

We have a 20-year window to prevent a 250 year blight so you’d better start thinking and fly right.

If we do lose in the next 10 years, Why Nature will decree we have lost will primarily be because we are:

  1. Conditioned to Minding Other People’s Business because we are…
  2. Conditioned to be Nourished by Outrage, more often caused by….
  3. Cellular cirrhosis…cell phones, internet, social media, itself necessitated by… 
  4. Homes with two professional parents, neither of which who seem able to put their children’s future first, thus…
  5. Turning their Child (or children) over to school-nanny’s (public or private) with different agenda, which, comes full circle generationally…
  6. Repeating the cycle in the next generation.

We are in generation three, including my own, for until I undertook my own personal study I had no idea how many spoiled little rich kids in 1929 could be morphed and multiplied into millions of spoiled little bratlings covering a much broader spectrum of our society. That multiplier effect is nearly complete.

These are things everyone can do something about.

I’ll bet you thought I was going to tell you about the Left’s plans for taking over America. Well, I just listed them, only, for 1000 different reasons you don’t think the reasons I just listed are among them. You’re still looking for conspiracies in Congress or the FBI. The Left (under always-changing names) always had a 100-year plan, even though they had no idea how television and free-market advertising could be used when they first started out on this great adventure in the 1920s. While we see every new invention as a source of making our lives easier, more convenient, or tastier, or less restrictive, they saw those same things as ways to dull our senses and our ability to think.
When I was a kid people would pay $20 a month to get their child into a Catholic school those first 6 years just to make sure they learned their 3-R’s well, plus manners. They could undo the Church lesson when they came home. Today, they’ll pay 20 times that to get their kids into a non-religious private school that will give Junior or Missy a leg up at a better university, plus no more worries about religion and judgment. So now, two generations removed, those parents no-longer know their children are lost, wandering around in a fog, for they are lost themselves. They’ve lost their way. And that generation will be the one that replaces my own.
More preachings will follow.
All we seem to know is how things don’t work, not How Things Work. And we complain.
To know “How things work”, you have to know how they work from the Bottom-up, not the Top down,  for that is how the king-system was designed and executed for 5000 years…until America put forward its own plan. We-the-People designed How things work from the bottom up…only in 20 years it will all be forgotten, Think about that.
So tithe a little bit of you time spent undoing 1-2-3-4-5- and 6 above  and come up with a better plan for your House, beginning with your habits, your House, community and schools…and then watch the top floors of government just melt away.

Vassar Bushmills

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